Setting Yourself up for Success

I have been feeling my way into 2020 for these first couple of weeks. I have a vague idea of what my big goals are for this year. I know one of my first quarter goals is to get a new business/job I have up and running. I know I am building on my healthy body goals I focused on last year. And my other big goal for 2020 is around my contribution in this world.

I have been coaching off and on for about six years, leading a meditation group for over three years, and running different group programs for about five years. I have focused my coaching and programs on healthy living – creating eating clean plans, more robust cleanses, a 5k training group. I love helping people feel better in their bodies.

What I also know about myself is that I love personal growth. I love learning and applying new ideas in my life. I love the conversations that come after the small talk. I love seeing people connect with their true selves and take action to grow a life they love!

So this year, as I set my intentions in the areas of life I am ready to grow in most right now, I am inviting others to join me in my process. I have been practicing the pieces of this new program for years now. The path to make real change has been one I have traveled on my own as well as with my individual coaching clients. From Awareness and Intention to Visioning and Clearing the Clutter, this process applies whether you are planning to train for your first 5k or are looking to bring more fun and play into your life.

I must say I have been really good at applying this in my own life when setting physical goals (like running a marathon or taking on a cleanse). What I haven’t been great at yet is applying it in areas of life that ask me to step outside my comfort zone in different ways. I just recently discovered this for myself and am so excited to take on my own growth with you all!

Let’s make our 2020 Vision a reality!

If you are ready to truly grow a life you love, you are invited to join my new coaching group: 2020: From Vision to Fulfillment.

We start on the new moon on January 24. The initial 12-week session will run from January 24 through April 17. Read more about it here: 2020: From Vision to Fulfillment.

I can’t wait to see what your dreams are!

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