Shine Circles: a beautiful offering from Kim Shannon

What is the SHINE Circle?Kim Shannon Shine Circle

An exclusive, small-group-coaching circle designed and created just for you. A coaching circle created to help you be the woman you came here to be. To help you keep on track with the intentions you have set for yourself in 2016 and beyond. To help you over the hurdles and challenges that life presents. A circle where you are seen, heard, and held safely in the arms of women who are unfolding right along beside you.

Jess Bonosoro has been my friend for over 15 years. In fact, my small group coaching circles were inspired by a women’s circle she and I were part of way back in the late 90’s. As a gift to her community—to all of you, I would like to extend a heartfelt invitation to participate in my next SHINE Circle.

SHINE Circles are a monthly gathering where we discuss: 

~ What is up for review and letting go

~ What is up for creation and action taking

~ What is up for celebration

~ What we need support with

~ What we need in the way of feminine witness

~ Our monthly SHINE words

The SHINE Circle is EXCLUSIVE. It is only open to 8 women. That’s it. Registration will be closed once 8 women commit. I will only open it again to replace a woman who is ready to move on from the circle.


This SHINE Circle requires your commitment to attend and be accountable to one another and to yourselves. Of course life happens and emergencies come up but in order to be a member of this Circle you must make a commitment to make this group a priority and to schedule around it and treat it as important in your life. Why? Not only because the other women count on you to show up and SHINE, but because making this commitment is an act of Sacred Self Care. This commitment is a commitment to you, to taking care of you, and to give your needs and desires and growth precedence.


I am a sacred purpose empowerment coach. I help clients access the power within in order to be the person they came here to be. I help people connect the dots of themselves. I help people look in to live out loud. It is my gift and part of my sacred purpose. Not only will each circle include coaching from me, each circle is designed to also include the wisdom of the women who attend. It is a circle. Each one of us is an integral pearl in the necklace. Each one of us will benefit from one another’s spirit.

SHINE Circle Details:

Dates: Beginning on June 15th, we will meet every month on the 3rd Weds. of each month.

Location: My house in SW Longmont (easy to get to off Airport Road / 119)

Time: 6 pm – 9 pm

Format: Potluck dinner (everyone brings something yummy) and a sacred sharing circle.

Cost: Each Circle costs $33. Advance pay for 3 circles totaling $99 every three months.

As my GIFT to you:

Because you are you, and you know Jess (and Jess is one of the coolest ladies I know) you will receive your first SHINE Circle for FREE when you sign up by June 1, 2016. Email me today and mention you saw this offer through Jess and The Balance Tree.


Sign up or ask Kim any questions by emailing her at

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Kim Shannon is a Sacred Purpose Coach blending career and empowerment coaching with intuition and heart. Kim helps her clients uncover and embrace their WHY — Why are you here? Who are you meant to be? What are you meant to do? What is the unique difference you came here to make? Kim does one-on-one personal coaching and facilitates intimate small-group coaching circles to help women embrace their power and presence as they move powerfully through their lives. She is also the founder of The SHINE Factor, a supportive, authentic community of women.

You can find Kim at ( and on Meetup. (


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