Start Where You Are

ready set goI was playing on the playground with my son and my boyfriend’s kids one day. His oldest wanted to race me. So we lined up at one end of the basketball court and in an instant the other kids shouted “Ready, Set, Go!” Just like that. 1. 2. 3. Ready-Set-Go, and I was supposed to be off running. I choked. “Wait!” I yelled, waving my nine-year-old fellow racer back to the start. She patiently lined up with me again and before I knew it, those words came at us once more: “Ready, Set, Go!” I am embarrassed to admit that I once again called her back to the starting point. By our third try I finally managed to get my body moving with the word “go.”

This is how it life can feel sometimes. We can be in much more of a “Ready… Set… okay, Set… okay, Go…” sort of mode. And even then, there can be quite a few false starts and do-overs we call on ourselves. Getting that momentum going from a standing start can be a challenge. But it can be done!

Here are some things I have learned (and am always re-learning) along the way:

First, accept where you are. Whether you want to run a marathon, change your eating habits, clear out your clutter or build a new business, where you are right now is your starting point. Don’t be hard on yourself about where that starting point may be. If you haven’t run more than a mile in quite a while, that’s okay. Accept where you are and visualize where you want to be.

Next, start where you are. Do some squats while in the shower to awaken those leg muscles. Start your days with a big glass of water. Pick one drawer to clean out. Brainstorm your business name. Action is your friend here. One step towards your goal is all you need to take today. Tomorrow you can take another. When there’s a little bit of motion, it gets easier and easier to keep progressing.

Finally, TRUST where you are. Continuously move through accepting, starting (and restarting) and all along the way, trust in yourself and the process. The journey of our life is our life, so remember to enjoy yourself, be compassionate and ask for help or a do-over when you need it.

The more you practice starting, the better you will get.




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