taking care

I come downstairs to make my coffee in the morning. Standing at the counter opening the cabinet, I pull out the red coffee canister. As I open the top of the machine, I think why don’t I set this up the night before? When my boyfriend sleeps over, it’s one of the first thing he does when he arrives. I’ll be getting our dinner ready and he is getting our morning ready. He even resets the flashing digital clock and sets the timer so the smell of coffee fills the house as we wake. That is a nice way to wake but so is this – my morning process. Making my coffee in the morning gives me time to drink my water first as it all comes together.

Taking care of me.

This morning I also fill the dog’s water bowl and her food bowl. Somehow they are rarely empty at the same time, but today they are. I use the last of her food, thankful I bought more yesterday. I’m learning that the feeling of being out of staples like dog food and dishwasher soap makes me anxious so I try to stay ahead of those things. This one was close as the new bag is still in my car from yesterday’s trip to the store.

Taking care of Tuli.

I look out the window into the yard. There are white pieces of paper all over the grass. Tuli got some of my son’s index cards with this week’s spelling words and claimed them as a chew toy. She probably got more out of them than he did!

A storm is coming in today. Rain and maybe snow. The thought of wet soggy index cards mixed into the grass feels like a bigger problem than dry index cards in the cool, early morning air. I decide to go out and clean them up.

Taking care of our home.

I am standing on the cool, damp ground, barefoot, my right hand inside a poop bag like a glove, the large empty food bag in my left hand ready for its next use as a trash collector. I am picking up scraps of paper and dog poop in the dawn light, feeling at peace. Looking for dog poop while barefoot adds an element of risk to the process. Feeling the ground beneath my feet feels good. I pause and breathe.

Taking care of me.

Coffee is probably ready now. The yard looks good. Let the rain come and maybe the snow too. Did I mention I’ll be running a half marathon in all that Sunday morning?

One thought on “taking care

  1. Katie Murray says:

    Barefoot in the grass is nice. Barefoot in the grass while searching for dog poop must take some serious mindfulness. Especially before morning coffee. You are a brave and thoughtful woman.

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