The Equinox is here and with it… Balance

The Autumnal Equinox is here in the northern hemisphere and for a moment, we have balance. The equators of the sun and the earth line up, and day and night are equal in length as we celebrate the shift into autumn. These natural shifts of our earth inspire a pause for reflection. The moon, each month, provides us with cyclical markers of beginnings and endings. The sun and earth are positioned just so only twice a year suspended for a moment of balance. The Autumnal Equinox invites us to pause in our lives to mark these events and take note of where we are on our journey.

Does life feel in balance for you in this moment as the earth is showing us how it’s done? fall tree reflectedWhat can balance even mean in this time of so many varied obligations?

When I named my business The Balance Tree, I had a visual of a large, full tree growing with its many branches, each branch representing a different area of life. There is a branch for family. Another for career or purpose. A branch for spirituality, and one for health, with smaller branches growing off of it for nutrition and physical exercise. Branches can be added as life grows and suddenly there is a branch for mothering that sprouted off the larger family branch. We each have a unique tree of life just as our lives are unique.

We are always shifting and growing as the earth is. And it is important to realize that just as the earth only achieves two moments of “perfect” balance each year, we are not striving for permanent balance in our lives. The important thing is to be aware of all the branches of your tree and nourish them all as needed for you to grow wholly.

Allow this moment of balance in nature to remind you to reflect on your own balance. How do you need to nourish yourself to be healthy in all areas of life? Have you been neglecting exercise and spending too much energy on your career? Is your mothering branch flourishing while your relationship with your partner is looking a little thirsty?

Take some time today to reflect on your life. What are the branches that may need more care and attention? Are you replenishing yourself with self-care? What actions can you take today to nourish the areas of your life that are out of balance?

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