We are all human.  

We are all human…

I was wide awake at 3 in the morning Prague time, having just travelled here so 3am was 7pm back in Colorado.

The thought that came to me at 3 am was we are all human.

Tuesday before we left, I was teaching about strategies to use when you find yourself in a pattern of resistance and struggle. This class is showing me so much about myself and human behavior. Digging into the different ways we can each struggle based on the lives we have lived and the stories we have held onto, opened me up even more to our collective humanity.

From the person who knows only that working hard is the way to their goals so they do more and more to the flip side where a person may be in such overwhelm from the amount of work they perceive to be in front of them that they freeze and do nothing.

My heart grew as I examined the polarity of the person who is driven by a need to take care of everyone around them and the other who feels like they have to push hard for what they need perhaps because life has shown them they are the only ones who will. Both are protecting themselves from being hurt by others – being judged, being rejected… and neither is fully feeling their feelings.

And finally those of us who struggle with being in the present moment – either stuck in the past and living life with a need to control what’s happening as protection from all that went wrong before or favoring the future and the beautiful dreams they have, yet unable to take action because nothing they do could possibly live up to the perfect vision they have in their hearts.

Yes, we are all human.

Then I got on a plane, where the announcements were in both English and German. And I landed in a country new to me, where the streets feel oddly familiar and the tenor of the conversations around me follow a similar cadence to conversations I’ve overheard my whole life. Friends laughing together, showing each other pictures on their phones over dinner, walking the cobblestones streets in the rain just like me and Carter.

We are all human.

In our struggles and in our joys. In the ways we try to protect ourselves from the hurts of the past. Not knowing that we are all cloaked in our unique forms of armor.

Armor created by us to protect us yet it limits us and cuts us off from the expansiveness of us.

When you find yourself in resistance to growing a life you love know that you are not alone and you are not wrong.

You are human.

We are all human.

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