What are you resisting?

Last fall I read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain, and it shifted something deep in me.

Before reading this book, for nearly all of my 51 years, I have felt I needed to be different, to try harder, or get better at being louder because my introverted nature just didn’t seem to be good enough.

I would so much rather stay in than go out. I’d rather take a walk with one friend than meet a group of friends for dinner out. These always felt like character flaws or somehow inadequate in a world wanting more from me. 

In my business, even though I do run group programs and really love the energy of them, I crave the 1-on-1 coaching experience. In reading Quiet, learning about the different ways being introverted actually serves the world in much needed ways allowed me to stand up a little taller in my identity as an introvert.   

Allowing and even appreciating these qualities in myself has brought a deeper self-acceptance that I didn’t know was missing.

And do you know what happened?

Somehow in accepting my introversion, my hidden extroverted self now was starting to show up more naturally too.

Over the past few months, I have been building a new iteration of a business coaching community I have been co-running for a couple of years. In the process of this transition, I am becoming the main coach and facilitator of this community – a role that definitely requires some extroverted qualities!

I have been talking… speaking… presenting… much more than usual. And I am growing rapidly with this new role. My introvert has long been a great asset and developed strong listening skills, and suddenly my hidden extrovert is finding new strengths to bring to the table as well.

By accepting and valuing my introversion, the ability to also embrace my deeply hidden extrovert has been quite a surprise!

All aspects of ourselves are needed to fully embrace our whole selves.

Where might you be resisting a part of you? Is there room for deeper self-acceptance? 

We all have our own unique gifts and ways of being in the world.

I know that a world in which more people believe in themselves, accept all parts of themselves, and share their gifts – is a better world for us all.

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