What can “doing” and “not doing” show you?

"You get out of it what you put in."

This comment came from a client recently, who was realizing this for herself. As she observed her own behavior – the simplicity of it and the choice she had – it hit me too, in a more universal way.

When we commit and put time and energy toward something we want, change happens.

When we don’t, it doesn’t.

That’s all there is to it.

No judgement, no drama. No right or wrong. Just physics, really.

This is true of relationships, of our health habits, of money, of business, of learning a new skill, of anything we choose to put our energy into… or not.

When you notice there is something you said you wanted and then you find you are not giving it any energy or time, this is an opportunity to tune in and ask yourself what you really want. 

It’s an opening for curiosity.

A chance to listen to your inner guidance and pay attention to any signs the universe may be giving you too.  

Just because we are not giving something our attention and energy, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't really want it. Resistance can show up in many ways.

Old fears can hold us back from putting in “too much” effort because we may be protecting ourselves by avoiding the pain of failure or disappointment, or the overwhelm of success. All fears that come up in us humans!

Noticing the fears you may be experiencing and helping yourself to move through the resistance may be needed. This can sometimes be a simple as naming it. Realizing “oh yeah, this is that thing I always do when I feel uncomfortable with a new situation.” I can see it and thank my inner protector for trying to help out. Other ways to heal and move through the resistance can be journaling, talking to a friend or coach, or other tools such as EFT (tapping) and more. 

Or maybe we did say “yes” to something in the moment that doesn’t really align to what we want so now we are not showing up because it wasn’t really a right choice for us. This can result in feeling shame or like a failure – another familiar pattern for some of us.

And what about the times when you have put in the energy toward an idea, a project or goal, or a relationship?

Why do you think you did in those cases?

Sometimes our people pleasing or perfectionist tendencies can be the drivers too.

The point isn’t that doing is “right” and not doing is “wrong” – it’s about having the self-awareness to understand what is driving your behavior. From there, bringing self-compassion and self-acceptance to the situation allows you to grow and make choices that feel good for you now and truly do align to your values and the life you are creating.

Take some time to look at the commitments in your life and look at the dreams and goals you have.

Where are you showing up and putting in the energy to make a difference and where are you not?

Without judgement, can you get curious? 

Are you are caught up in resistance protecting you from something you really do want?

Or maybe you are ready for a different choice or to re-commit in a way that fits you now?

There are no wrong answers – just information gathering along this path of growing a life we love!

What is inspiring you in life now? What you are excited to give your energy to? 

Today is the new moon – an ideal time to get clear on and commit to what you really want!

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