What do you need NOW?

Over the years, the way I feed myself has evolved from an unconscious experience of routine, habit and environment to a conscious awareness that the food I eat changes my mood, my body and my energy. This may seem like an obvious statement, but just like the fish that doesn’t know it is swimming in water, we have no idea of how food affects us when all we do is eat the same stuff each and every day.

My eating clean journey is an ongoing adventure and probably will be until I take that final bite! Our bodies and our lifestyles change so much as we move through this lifetime, it only makes sense that the way we eat should change too.

Learning how to feel what our body needs on the basic levels of food and drink is a new concept to many. Here’s a typical American experience of feeding ourselves:

In the beginning… we are fed without much input allowed. As we do begin to give our opinions, we are sometimes met with the punishment of not being allowed to leave the table unless we eat what was put in front of us. Before you know it, we are on our own in dining halls with dessert available every night and endless soda fountains. Then we are expected to feed ourselves all of a sudden, without the dining hall to support us and perhaps with little actual cooking instruction. Soon enough you may even be responsible for feeding another! All the while, especially as women, we are pressured to be slim by the unreasonable expectations of society and that we put on ourselves as well.

Nowhere along the way are we taught to ask ourselves what we need or want.

The first experience I had with really listening to my body was about twenty years ago when I did my first whole food cleanse. I was 26. It was a three-week program – a complete change in eating habits for me. It was the first time in my life that I didn’t eat bread! And wow, what a difference it made for me!

I had so much energy. My mind was sharp. I lost some weight that I had been wanting to lose for a while. I learned so much during that program, and still as I created Your Eating Clean Journey and went through the process myself, I am amazed to see what a difference this self-focus continues to make for me.

I’ve experienced the difference of eating “whatever I wanted” and eating food that makes me feel alive and energized, and I still learn something everything I put my focus back on eating clean.

Join me in going deeper as we journey through the key steps that I have found are essential foundations for making real and lasting change in any area of life:



Clearing the Clutter




… with Support, Structure and Accountability every step of the way!

Your Eating Clean Journey moves into fall with new recipes for the new season.

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