What do you really want?

Spring is in the air. Shots are in more arms. And people are beginning to show their smiles (outdoors and not in large crowds, of course). So what do you find yourself dreaming of doing first?

Visits to family and friends? Stepping onto a plane headed to a faraway location? Connecting with the people you love in person to hug and begin to heal the traumas and celebrate the many milestones, big and small, of the past year plus?  Yes, yes, and yes.

One milestone in my personal and business development over the past year was that I teamed up with Leisa Peterson of WealthClinic last summer. Leisa is a Business and Money Growth Strategist, author of The Mindful Millionaire, and an all-around inspirational coach and leader. I am thrilled to be working with with her!

Our first project together was building the IPROSPER Business Advisory program – a year-long membership for people committed to becoming the successful entrepreneur they know they can be. Inside the program, we have been implementing the Envision Planning System to help everyone get clarity on their vision, identify blocks to that vision and build tools to overcome those blocks, and most importantly craft a plan that works for them to make that vision a reality.

This process brings together the next steps so many people don’t take after creating beautiful vision boards. My health coaching clients will be familiar with the idea of setting clear and simple action steps to achieve your goals.

I am super excited to share that starting next week we are hosting a 4-part Envision Planning Workshop Series to bring this process to more people. We have seen our members take great strides in reaching their business and life milestones. We’ll provide you with a powerful tool to assess where you are now in your financial health.  Whether your vision encompasses business, money, health or any (and all) life dreams, this workshop series will provide you with clarity, insights into what may have stopped you in the past, tools to move through those challenges, and a system to set you up for success!

Because one aspect of my vision is making a difference for those I work with and an impact on the greater world, I will donate $5 to your choice of my two favorite charities when you sign up. Choose from TreeSisters or the Equal Justice Initiative – two great organizations making big differences in the world. Just email me your receipt after signing up and let me know where you would like me to donate.

Bringing our visions to life takes action and I am going to ask you to be an active participant in creating this new, engaged world. Share this post and invite your friends and family to come to our Envision Planning Workshop Series. The more you share, the more people may accept the invitation to envision the life they dream of and who knows what may be possible!

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