What To Do When You Have An Idea

What if... you accepted yourself exactly where you are now ... and set goals from there?

What if... you accepted yourself exactly where you are now ... and set goals from there?Have you ever had those moments of clarity when some desire you have inside comes into shape in your mind?

When a longing that has been under the surface suddenly takes the form of an actual idea?

It’s in these moments of clarity that lives can change!

When this happens for me and for my clients, we’ve discovered there can be an immediate “positive” sensation in our bodies and almost at the exact moment a “negative” gut punch feeling that drains the blood from your face!

Moments like:

“Wow – this idea could be a book!”

“I could just rent out my house and travel for the summer!”

“I can host a retreat while I’m away and cover the expense of the bigger house rental!”

These ideas are super fun to have and may spark your next big vision or… they may just be a fun idea for now.

The choice is yours.

In a recent coaching call, someone shared an idea like this that kind of scared her and one of my clients replied with “I look forward to hearing what you may or may not choose to do with that!”

I beamed! Her response was completely natural, not scripted AND… totally in alignment with the idea of Kind Goals I have been exploring.

By setting kind goals and going through my new coaching process of a “Stroll“, you slow down to the experience of going for the goal so you can watch what comes up, you notice the resistance, and you don’t feel like you just have to push through or what often happens is we experience the resistance and stop because that’s what resistance tells us to do.

Instead we have a process for watching for the resistance behaviors, addressing them with compassion, learning, healing, and curiosity, and choosing your next actions so you can continue to make progress and … grow a life you love!

So, what is a kind goal? 

A kind goal sparks something deep inside you.
When you think about it, you feel a sense of joy and rightness.

It is meaningful to you in your life right now.

You know by committing to your kind goal,
you will be opening a doorway to growth.

You get to choose to bring this meaningful shift in your life when you are ready and you recognize you are going to have to dig a little to make this shift.

Let me know how this sounds to you!

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