Crafting Your Own Transformational Success Path

As we embark on this new year, full of new ideas, wishes, dreams and specific goals of what we want to create for ourselves, there may also be the somewhat tired and defeated feelings of still not having control of so much in our lives. 2021 is off to an unprecedented (yes, that word again, still) start. How is it even possible to think about setting goals during this time?

On a call this week I told a friend how I was feeling distracted, that I wanted to be informed about what was happening in the world but I was also finding myself getting consumed at times. She agreed she was also following the news but found her drive to keep creating, keep building, keep showing up in the world because simply, “how can I not keep going?”

The clarity and simplicity of her awareness reminded me that part of why what I want to create is so important is because I want to change the world we live in. I want to help people connect with their true selves and take action to grow a life they love! I want all of us to be reaching for our dreams and feeling the confidence and joy that comes from achieving our goals.

We are all on our own journey right now. We are at different starting points and aiming for different endings. There will be different milestones along the way and different obstacles we may stumble upon. None of us is on the same journey, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. In fact, attempting to do it alone makes it so much harder and definitely less fun!

Whether you are aiming to complete your own 5k in the spring, or you are ready to finally clear the clutter and create a home you can live in more joyfully and peacefully, or you have a brand new project you are excited about but the bigness of it overwhelms you…

Whatever your dreams may be for your life, they are achievable.

You may not know all the steps you need to take right now but knowing both where you are now and where you want to go are key for your journey to be successful.

Start there. Use the energy of today’s new moon and give yourself some space this weekend to dream!


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