Winter Solstice: The Shortest Day… and the Longest Night

I woke up today, on the shortest day of the year, with a list running through my mind a hundred items long of all I had to do today. Not quite the peaceful shift into winter I longed for! Ah… the joys and pressures of the holiday season. A cycle we repeat every year and somehow, for me at least, it seems to sneak up on me. We blame the lateness of Thanksgiving this year, the early snowstorms that kept us inside, the warm days that pulled us out for late fall hikes… it can be anything and everything that is the “reason” for this long “to do” list still being undone.

As I make my way through some of these tasks today, trusting that enough will be completed, I am also taking the time to be aware of the other side of the shortest day… the longest night. This is a time of going inward, of self-reflection, of completion. It is about acknowledging and honoring where we have come from, the growth, the darkness, the inner journey and the magic of it all. The darkness and the light. We can’t fully experience one without the other. Each is a gift and a teacher to be cherished.

I wish you many blessings as we step into winter, embracing the darkness as we turn toward the light once again.

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