Winter Solstice Wishes

A circular rust-colored metal sign with the word "Listen" cut out of the metal, surrounded by a blue sky and bare tree.

Photo by Nick
on Unsplash

My wish for you as we come to this moment of stillness is for you to
also find a moment of stillness, of pause, of presence in your life.

It is in those moments of quiet that we begin to hear our own voice, our inner,
true spirit whispering at first.

And then getting louder and more clear and more confident as we give ourselves
the space to explore.

From stillness and listening, we learn so much.

We can begin with a pause before we get out of bed or a practice of closing
your eyes and taking a breath before taking a sip of water.

There are endless moments in our days when we can choose to add a momentary
pause and invite presence into our experience.

What might you hear if you tuned in and listened?

What simple desires or big dreams are getting lost in the noise of our lives?

My wish for you, for me, for all beings is to get loud with our dreams and let them drown out the noise.

Listen for the sounds of what you really want. Tune in to the sparks in your body that light up around your people or in certain conversations. Pay attention to when you feel most alive.

Create stillness and listen. Pause and tune in. Be present and open your heart.

You have so much wisdom within you. Look there first.

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